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Rovester CC S.Admin
Massive congratulations on getting Server Admin. Good luck and have fun!
RubekPants CG S.Admin
Congratulations to you too sir. You've got Server Admin. It's been a long journey but you're up here with the big boys now. Hf.
Great AOD time a few weeks in a row. Congrats on admin and keep up the hard work m8.
Welshy CC Admin
Congrats on getting admin on CC. Don't go getting yourself demoted just yet m8.

We want you!

Hyac Community L.Super AdminCommunity A. posted Oct 3, 16

We want you as staff for CC!

Do you feel like you have what it takes to become staff for CC? Are you active ingame?

Can you handle stressful situations but also be fair and strict at the same time?


[M] -1-fiski Moderator good meme
Mr. Black CC Admin wew lad, save us nawh fam!
[A] Saymanah Admin We need you!!!

Civil City is almost here!

MH 1dead Super Admin posted Sep 9, 16


So you may have been wondering where Ventz and Hydrogen have been of late, well they have been working on Civil City and we got content packs ready for you so you should be able to join and have a wonderful time in the server.

Here is the Link you'll need. Its rather good.

So yeh. Enjoy and see you on Civil City folks.

[M] -1-fiski Moderator what is cc
TheLoneGladiator Eww, Hydrogen?
Captain Rex It's back?!?!? Omg then I will probs come back too! Presuming it's serious RP

Looking for Server Developers

Hydrogen Community L.Super AdminCommunity A. posted Sep 6, 16

Looking for GLua Developers!

If you've got any experience in GLua and you've been wanting to develop for a large community, now's your chance. We're looking for semi-experienced developers who are able to confidently create addons on a small timescale.

Image result for Lua

If you're interested in becoming a developer for CG then come on Teamspeak @ and poke Hydrogen or Ventz.

We'll give you a few simple GLua tasks and if you can complete them, you're in :)

DBossOfDWorld I have 0 experience with GLua, but I'm willing to help.
Saul T Knutz Sv_Hax 1 Godmode 1 Givemoneys Saul 999999 Giverank Saul Superadmin
[M] -1-fiski Moderator lel nerds kek XDdd

Hey doods

Hyac Community L.Super AdminCommunity A. posted Aug 24, 16


Hey CGSF, read this please.

If you guys notice any type of abuse please report to an SA/HA, thanks.