Community Spotlights
[M] S1mple16x Moderator
Fantastic AOD time this week! Keep up the great work!
Great work Jackie for getting admin! Keep up the good work!
[A] Volt Admin
You never got a shout out from when you made Admin so here you go! Congrats!
Our US hero! Always on through the night. Deadblawer has competition!

new promotions

Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted Sat at 18:58

darcey and glorycunt gg gz

[A] King Luke Admin Congrats, keep up the hard work!
Tenma CC Admin congratulations Darcey And Glory :d
[A] Negan AdminCC Admin gratz bruv

We Need You! Join our Staff!

David Twinkletoes Super Admin posted Mar 3, 17

Ever wanted to join our elite staff team?

Now you can! Whether it is for Civil Gamers or Civil City, you can do it! Visit our Moderator Application section for CG or CC and APPLY NOW!

As long as you are 14+ and have played on one of our servers for over 2 weeks you are eligible for our staff! I hope to see you on our team soon because there's a staff member in every one of you, this is your chance to show it!

ben is the best sa

Good luck soldier!

SpookyCookie im a man with multiple personalities i can adapt to any retarded situation
Chip helo im 7 yers olde but im super mature xD *rawr nuzzles you* OwO whats this? pls mod me ok xDDD
Kofi x im 10 but im really mature for my age, mod me ok please


So if you haven't please take a Vote at this ( ) Link to vote on the next Events for the comming weeks. 

I'm doing this so we can start doing Events everyweekend if possiable since you folks like them.



Corry Shell x CC or CG?
[M] fiski Moderator ttt when
MrShark TTT is good, vote plz

new promo t i o n s

Wankish Knightsbane Community L. posted Feb 11, 17

gz to David , Welshy - TheElt & sayamnh or w/e 

nice promotions going rapid recently ye blud gg hf

[M] Thereen ModeratorCC Admin I am a little bit late but Ze best wishes of thereen.(The guy who lifes on an banana farm)
Cory Congratulations, guys!
[CC] Saymanah CC HAdmin Congrats to everyone who got promoted. :)